Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is now open for 2020!


When and where is the next Night to Shine event?

February 7th 2020, venue is Terra State Community College.  6-9 pm.  Volunteer check in at 4 pm.

Why do Guests need to be registered in advance?

We a planning a very special evening for our honored guests, including dinner, Limo rides around the parking lot, photography, favors and other surprises!  In order to prepare and provide the best possible experience for all, pre-registration is required.

What Volunteer Roles are available?

  • Buddies for o Honored Guests – Each guest has a buddy with them for the evening, training is provided
  • Food Service Help 
  • Activities Team
  • Safety/Security Team
  • Parking Team
  • Hair/makeup/shoeshine touch up team
  • Medical/first aid Team
  • Registration, flower, gift table teams
  • Bathroom Team
  • Respite Room Team- Family members relax room
  • Sensory Room Team
  • Decorating Team
  • Clean Up Team

While we cannot guarantee a role requested, we will try to honor requests where possible.  You will be notified of the role you will be in at the training or sooner if possible,.

All volunteers are required to be at a mandatory training. Choose from two training dates:  January 7th, 6:30-8:30 pm or January 11th, 9-11 am.

Trainings will be held at New Hope Vineyard Church 2507 Hayes Ave, Fremont, OH

An on campus training for BGSU Students will be held on December 3, 2019

Can a regular caregiver be a buddy?

You sure can!  Just register as a volunteer  (indicate the guest who you want to be a buddy for in the Role requested) and follow all the guidelines for volunteers.  Background checks and our Night To Shine training is still required. (We want you to know everything available for your guest to do)   If you are arriving with your guest, you do not need to check in earlier with other volunteers.

What is the Respite Room?

The respite room is a special room for family members of our honored guests.  If the family member is not going to be escorting  their honored guest as the buddy during the night, we want them to take advantage of a night off and know their family member is being cared for and having a great time.  You will be able to enjoy the respite room and go see what the event is like for your honored guest too.  Each honored guest will have a buddy/escort for the evening.  All buddies will have basic training, but we understand if your family member needs to have you with them too.   If a family member plans to be the escort, please have them register as a volunteer and in the role requested put “buddy for ‘guest name'”.  Perhaps another adult family member would like to enjoy the respite room.  If so, have the family members who may utilize this room register under the Respite Room Tab.  We regret we cannot accommodate any children under the age of 14.

How can I help if I cannot volunteer on that day?

The event is completely free to all honored guests and family members.  Donations of any size are welcome and will be acknowledged in our program material.  In addition there are Sponsorship levels that will be acknowledged throughout the event.  In kind contributions for materials needed for our prom are also greatly appreciated.  Click the Donate Tab on this page to securely donate in your name or Contact Nancy at 419-334-4673 to find out more information.

What can I do before the event to help?

There are also a few pre-event activities we will need help with if you are not available on the day of the event.  Helping with Packing the favor bags for each guest, and writing a special note for each guest will be greatly appreciated.    You do not have to volunteer on line for any of these activities.  Dates for decorating, making centerpieces & other table decorations, stuffing gift gags and writing individual notes for guests will be announced shortly.

What are the requirements to Volunteer?

  • Each Volunteer must have a background check (link provided on the volunteer registration form).  If you have had a background check within the last 2 years and can provide a copy to us, that will be accepted.  Please consider donating $6 to offset the cost of your background check.  If you were background checked for last year’s event and New Hope already has a copy of it, you do not have to have another background check.
  • Volunteers must be 16 and older.  Minors will need to have a permission slip signed by their parent/legal guardian, they do not need background checks.
  • There is a mandatory training for all volunteers.  General training for all involved as well as training specific for your role will be provided.  Two dates will be available to choose from and will be announced soon.
  • All volunteers will need to sign a liability and media release
  • Family members of an honored guest may sign up as their buddy but will still need to abide by all volunteer requirements ie; training, background check etc.
  • Caregivers coming as buddies/escort for their guest do not need to arrive prior to the guest arrival time.

Why is there a limit to the number of family members attending?

We are trying to accommodate as many honored guests in our community as possible.  Due to limitations in space, we may need to limit the number of family members using the respite room to 1 per guest.  The Respite Room is a break room for family members to “take the night off”.   You will be able to see the main venue area and other area’s of interest if you want also.   Another family member could attend if they are the guest’s buddy.  A buddy MUST be with the guest the entire night, no matter what level of disability.  We will assign a buddy for your family member if you want to have the night off in the respite room!